Whether you’re a professional locksmith, a lock picking hobbyist, or an adventure enthusiast, we would love to work with you as an affiliate marketing partner.

The Lockpickable affiliate program offers 10% commission on each sale placed within 90 days after a customer clicks your referral link.

The LockPickable affiliate program terms:

  • $129.26, - Average order value;
  • 10% commission on all orders;
  • 90-day cookie period;
  • $100, - minimum payout;
  • Payout via PayPal.

We pay commission on orders that have been generated as a result of your content you have linked to us.

In case you are interested in a personalized referral link, please email us at with a link to your site or social media channel, we will provide you within an invite link to register. Or you can register the affiliate program here, and let us review your application.

We can't wait to work with you!