How many Lishi tools are there?

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Lishi tools are a type of locksmith tool used to decode and encode automotive lock cylinders. They are designed to allow professional locksmiths and automotive technicians to access locked vehicles and perform rekeying procedures with ease and accuracy.

I could not tell you an exact number of Lishi tools available, because there are many different types of Lishi tools available for different types of locks: automotive locks, motorcycle locks, and residential locks.

Why I am not able to tell you an exact number of Lishi tools available?

Lishi tools are sold by different supply lines, for example, Original Lishi has some tools exclusive for them only. Another reason is that some Lishi residential tools are not sold in the Chinese market, as those locks are not sold in China.

How many Lishi tools are there?

As I said above, I am not able to provide you with the exact number of Lishi tools as there are many different types of Lishi tools, and the range is constantly expanding as new locks are developed.

However, Lishi is a well-known brand in the locksmith industry, and they produce a wide range of lock picking and decoding tools that are used by locksmiths, law enforcement agencies, and security professionals. These tools are designed to help locksmiths pick and decode a wide range of different types of locks.

There are approximately 160 different Lishi tools available. Each tool corresponds to a particular keyway utilized by various automotive manufacturers worldwide. The most popular Lishi tools are the 2-in-1 tools, which can be used to both pick and decode vehicle locks. Other Lishi tools include Lishi motorcycle tools, and residential tools.

  • Lishi Automotive Tools: 120+
  • Lishi Motorcycle Tools: 24+
  • Lishi Residential Tools: 22+ 

Some tools were discontinued, for example, SRT2018 was followed by KIA2018, VAG1025 was followed by HU162T(8). We count these as the same (1) tool.

Some Lishi tools have anti-glare version, these are made by Mr. Li but supplied by Original Lishi. For example, Lishi HU66 we sell its standard version, but it has an anti-glare version which is exclusive to Original Lishi and it's supplied by Original Lishi vendors. We count these as the same (1) tool.

Some Lishi tools have different versions, for example V.2, V.3. For added security, the automobile manufacturer or the automotive locks supplier/factory may improve their locks, especially the inner mechanical structure, so the Lishi tool is upgraded to a newer version for better coverage for the newer released car models of the same car makes. When a tool is upgraded to V.3, the older V.2 will be discontinued. We count these as the same (1) tool.


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